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"I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that we absolutely love the prep service here at WDGG. I use to use a combination of other services but now I only use Sheet Happens every morning. I told my co-host this morning that Sheet Happens has changed my life!! Lol Seriously, it really is the best I ever used. And Nate agrees. He didn't really like using prep services until now. I love the way it's laid out and I love all the audio. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!"

Julie Reeves
WDGG - 93.7 The Dawg
Huntington, WV

"I do the night show on B98.5, and at the rate which information flows now, you really have to be on your game to keep up. Sheet Happens Prep is definitely "in the game!" They pack their daily prep with so much up to the minute content that it stays relevant long past the end of the morning show."

Tripp West
Nights, B98.5 WSB-FM
Atlanta, GA

"Thorough, the most current, ahead of the curve, easy to use - the best. Thanks!"

Paul Koffy
Mornings, Buzn 102.9 KMNB
Minneapolis, MN

"I stagger into work at 3:30 AM...trying to get my mind around another day and what to do on our show. Then I open Sheet Happens Prep and there it is ..all the information we need to have a stellar broadcast! The best part is our listeners give us complete credit for all the great entertainment!...Does not get any better than that!...Oh..yes it does..the ratings go UP!..."

Murphy and Denise
Mornings, KOSI 101 Denver, CO

"Being a brand new show, we've tried numerous prep sites. We decided on Sheet Happens Prep because of the large variety of content. If you're looking for new games and entertainment content, choose Sheet Happen Prep. We're glad we did!"

Tim Richards
Mornings, New 102-WDOK
Cleveland, OH

"I have relied on Sheet Happens Prep for over 5 years now and it writes my show! I have actually created features for my show because of their from the Past, Front Page News and more. I have been in radio for 35 years and it is the best prep service I have ever used!"

Scott Mackay
Mornings, 95.9 The River, WERV
Chicago, IL

"In the climate of fewer players, or even one person morning shows, SHEET HAPPENS PREP is the MOST user friendly prep service going. Who has time to go thru 80 pages of prep? Just scroll, click, finalize, print, and you are set with what you REALLY NEED for a great show!"

Rob Lucas
Mornings, STAR 102.5 WTSS
Buffalo, NY

"I've worked with ALL the prep services in my 30-year career in radio and finally someone comes along and speaks to me and my audience. Other services were fun to read to my fellow jocks and salespeople, but it was stuff I never used on the air. Sheet Happens Prep gives me more material than I can use and the custom features are amazing. If you folks were around when I started I never would have used any other service. Even my wife says I sound like I know what I'm talking about!"

Marvelous Marvin Boone
Mornings, Hits 106
Tampa, FL

"Concise, topical, timely...Sheet Happens Prep is exactly what I'm looking for each morning as I put the last minute touches on The B95.5 Breakfast Club."

Bill Fox
Mornings, The B95.5 Breakfast Club WJYB
Albany, NY

"The Hardest Workin' Men & Women in show business! The website videos, the parodies, the surveys .. it's all the best and makes the difference! Sheet Happens - It's Showtime!"

Billy Buck Blevins
Mornings, Country Legends 550 & 92.9 WAME
Statesville/Charlotte, NC

"I have used Sheet Happens Prep every morning consistently for the past 8 years. The crew is always on the cutting edge and never stop reinventing themselves. They are always willing to take your suggestions and comments. You feel like a part of their team rather than just another radio station. I recommend Sheet Happens Prep 100%!"

Mornings, The Rude Awakening Show on WOCM-FM
Ocean City, MD

"Being a one-person morning show, it's not just good prep that I need, but convenience! Sheet Happens Prep supplies not only the up-to-date info needed, but great jingles and show openers. A one stop shop that I love!!"

Christine Martinez
Mornings, 98.7 Modern Rock WRMR 98.7
Wilmington/Jacksonville, NC!

"I have been doing this for over 30 years, and Sheet Happens Prep is the most user friendly service I have ever used. I am not inundated by extraneous material that I will NEVER use. It is current, consistent and my show would suffer if I did not have it."

Collins in the Morning
Mornings, KALK-FM
East Texas, TX

"The prep provided by Sheet Happens Prep helps make our morning show unique and different. The topics we discuss from Sheet Happens Prep gives our listeners a good laugh each and every morning."

Mornings, WCOY
Quincy, IL

"As usual great service, informative and always topical. We depend on it daily for great insight as to what's hot and what's not. We are number one in Calgary! Thanks again!"

Gerry Forbes
Mornings, CJAY92.1
Calgary, Alberta Canada

"Sheet Happens Prep is my first stop everyday. Topical, easy to navigate and a great mix of audio and video for any demo or format. I love the Custom Planner feature so you can easily archive your content and access pieces from previous days you didn't use."

Greg Williams
Q92 Afternoons
Sudbury, Canada

"Sheet Happens Prep fuels our program with excellent content every morning. Our listeners depend on us for the news, humor, and interesting topics that are often generated from Sheet. We wouldn't have it any other way."

Jake Allen
Mornings, 104.9 THE CAT
Albany, NY

"For us, our morning starts right here. You elevate our show to another level. Thank you Sheet Happens Prep."

Jamie Hall
Mornings, Chay Today 93.1
Barrie, Ontario, Canada

"THE best prep on the planet! Sheet Happens is the ONLY one for me. I am fully armed to win the ratings- SO damn current..topical. With listeners savvy on their smart phones, your prep lets me rock their mornings with fantastic audio and parodies and montages! Keep the ‘happening now events comin'! U do the diggin'..I do the slingin'!"

Jeff McNeice
Mornings, CJQM
Sault Ste Marie, Canada

"Sheet Happens Prep is our #1 source for our show, entertainment news, and that quirky stuff that sets us apart from our competition."

Jamie Patrick
Mornings, KDRK
Spokane, WA

"Sheet Happens Prep is the first thing I look at in the morning even though my show is in the afternoon! It inspires so much creativity and humor, could not live without it..."

Kwame Dankwa
Afternoons/Brand Manager Z97.1 WZRT

"Sheet Happens Prep is prompt, up to date and very helpful to my show prep. Instead of searching different websites, I know that Sheet Happens Prep has it all covered for me with one click. Thanks for saving me a lot of time!"

Kent Chambers
Afternoons, Jewel 92.1 FM
Brantford, Ont, Canada

"Sheet Happens Prep is my go-to prep site. It always features a fun variety of tidbits and current stories. I use Sheet Happens Prep every day to add a little bit of spice to my show."

Kimberly Tulloch
Middays, Jewel 92.1 FM
Brantford, Ont, Canada

"From the top stories of the day to the juiciest daily gossip, Sheet Happens Prep gives me plenty to talk about! My listeners love to call and comment about the info I get from SH. I'm always looking for trivia questions that cannot be Googled and your Mind Bender fits that bill! I customize my prep every morning getting just what my listeners and I need to start the day off right!!"

Lynda Kelley
Mornings, Mix 96.7 KSYV
Central Coast, CA

"I can say that without your show prep service and the entire gang at Sheet Happens Prep, we would not have the morning show that we do. Whether it is history lessons, nibbles and bits or contests, you have us covered. Great topical bits. We've had more people compliment us on our content for the show in the last two years using Sheet Happens Prep than ever before. I would say being able to customize it to our market and make it relatable to the audience is one of the best features of the service. If I were to ever leave this market, you can bet I would definitely be taking Sheet Happens Prep to whatever new station I would be at. Thanks for all you guys do!"

JD Knite
Mornings, Max Country 94.5 KMON-FM
Great Falls, MT

"Sheet Happens Prep is flat out THE BEST PREP SERVICE! And I've tried most of them. Love the opens, the contests, the music news and Hollywood gossip. No morning show should be without Sheet Happens Prep."

Mark Allen
Mornings, KIAI
Mason City IA

"We use Sheet Happens Prep everyday. The first thing I do in the morning is look at the topical videos, just for a laugh to get my own day off to a great start! The writing is good, ideas are fresh, and we never feel we're missing that Sheet Happens Prep."

Mell Dahl
Mornings, Sudbury's Best Rock Q92
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

"Sheet Happens Prep is the ONLY prep service I use. My show absolutely relies on Sheet Happens, so I can keep my audience up to speed on current cultural events AND it allows ME the ability to put a smile on their faces and give them a good laugh. If my comedic bone is running a little slow that day, Sheet Happens Prep can help me keep that a secret from my audience. Great content, contesting and great ideas for surveys to keep my audience calling in."

Mike DuBord
Afternoons, Y100 WNCY
Appleton/Oshkosh (Green Bay), WI

"In 20 years of doing mornings, I've never seen anything of this quality. It makes me sound like I'm actually worth what I'm getting paid. I'm addicted. Bravo Gentlemen, job well done!"

Mike Tyler
Mornings, WKXC
Augusta, GA

"Sheet Happens Prep is the BEST! In the days of multi-tasking, time is the big enemy and Sheet Happens Prep helps me cut right to the chase in preparing for a fun filled, full service four hours each day. Keep up the great work!"

Mike "Sarge" Preston
PD/Mornings KOFX
El Paso, TX

"We live on Sheet Happens Prep! Their show openers and bits are well done and keep us fresh!"

Chris Burks
PD/Mornings K-Hits 104.5 KLSM
Vicksburg, MS

"Sheet Happens Prep is a life-saver! Our prep is so much easier and faster because the guys do most of the work! I don't know what we'd do without them! They're the best producers we have."

PD/Mornings Froggy 104 WOGY
Jackson TN

"The content from Sheet Happens Prep is always fresh so I never have to worry about reporting stale world or entertainment news (unlike the coffee that is brewed here in the studio)."

Sheila Brothers
Mornings, WILT - Sunny 104.5
Wilmington, NC

"We love Sheet Happens Prep! Between keeping us current on news updates and light hearted stories, it provides our station with much more than the essentials. It's our ‘go-to' service!"

Shelly Andeen
PD, 97.3 WFYR FM
Peoria, IL

"So glad to have Sheet Happens Prep back for our morning show. It makes getting up at 3:30am easier and makes the morning show more fun! Thanks for the laughs and great content, on air and online."

Stacey McAdams
Mornings, WFRG-FM
Utica, NY

"Thanks to SHEET HAPPENS PREP I can actually have a life that doesn’t require me always having to search for prep. It’s all done for me…THANK YOU SHEET HAPPENS I owe you !!"

Steve Stevens
Mornings, WVOK
Birmingham, AL

"Personally, I love Sheet Happens Prep. In my 19 years in the business, Sheet Happens still provides the most comprehensive and compelling content of any prep service. The content is always on par with the water cooler talk and topics of the day and the quality is always airable as is. I am loving the service and rely on it daily as a tool in putting our show together."

Tara Dawn Winstone
Mornings, CHAY
Ontario, Canada

"Before Sheet Happens Prep, we won Mississippi's 'Personalities of the Year' four times. Now that we've got our Sheet together, they've canceled the award altogether, citing unfair prepping practices. Love the service. Love the extra time. Love the competition's tears."

Tom Colt
Mornings, Rock 104
Hattiesburg, MS WXRR

"Modern Rock Mornings...keeeeling it!! Thanks to Sheet Happens Prep, I don't need no steeenking side kick"

Christine Martinez
Mornings, Modern Rock 98.7 WRMR
Wilmington, NC

"Sheet Happens Prep is NEXT LEVEL show prep! It’s like Christmas Morning when I get online and check out what the geniuses at Sheet Happens have assembled each day! If you don't get it... you really "don't get it".”"

Drew Stone
Mornings, The Beach 96.5/KLTG
Corpus Christi TX

"Sheet Happens Prep has everything that I'm looking for in my morning prep. I know I can sleep in a few extra minutes and not have to worry about browsing 100 different sites to find the info I need. Sheet Happens Prep has it all ready in one easy-to-use site."

JC Burton
Mornings/PD Star 103.7 WSTV
Frankfort, KY

Fresh FM
"Sheet Happens Prep is the best prep site I've ever used. From lifestyle stories to genuinely interesting conversation starters. I literally refer to it each and every single day."

Alex Hindmarch
Mornings, The New 92.5 Fresh FM
Edmonton Alberta

"Sheet Happens Prep is a huge time-saver for me! On days when I get swamped with production and promotions, it's nice to know I have a "one-stop-shop" for show prep at my disposal. I love the quirky holidays, oddball news, and music industry dirt. Sheet Happens makes my show happen when "stuff" happens!"

On-Air/Promotions Director, i98.3 WILI
Willimantic, CT

"Excellent source for those out-of-the-ordinary stories that go viral... and they're here first! The Rock News, History Dates and sound bites are perfect!""

Steve Craig, Mornings
WSRV Atlanta

94.7 FM
"Great service! Sheet Happens Prep is an excellent utility tool for our KX947 morning ride (2012 CCMA Award winning Major Market). Topical, pop culture information that relate well to our audience. It adds the perfect "seasoning" for our morning show experience. Two thumbs way up!"

Bill Toffan
PD/ Mornings KX 94.7 FM
Hamilton, Ontario

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